Members of The Friday Morning Bible Class Periodically write Prayers or Poems as part of their worship.  We will publish these writings on this page'

The current posting is titled "Words" by Shelia Prestenback


Ecclesiastes 12:11

            A wise Teacherís words spur students to action and emphasize important truths.


A few years back I was a volunteer doing prison ministry.  I wasnít sure that this was what God

wanted me to be doing.  The Lord led me into speaking about how we are to encourage each

other.  As Christians, we need to be mindful of what we say.  We can hurt a non-Christian in the

way we speak.  Could we cause them to turn away when we speak to other new Christians or are

not spiritually mature?  We could make them feel uncomfortable with their faith.  I wasnít sure

why I was being led to share this message and so I kept praying about it, asking God, why is this

important?  How can words be hurtful if you are speaking Godís truth?


That night at the prison facility there were about thirty to forty inmates to hear the message from

the preacher and me.  The message from me was about twenty minutes long.  When I was

finished with my message, an inmate came forward.  He accepted Christ that night.  I felt that I

let down my Lord for no more came forward.  I was so discouraged and felt like a

disappointment to my God.


A few days later I was with other preachers and volunteers talking about how the prison ministry

was doing.   When it was my time to speak, I stood up and said that only one inmate accepted

Christ.  No more than when I sat down, an older preacher stood up and yelled, how dare you say

ONLY one was saved?  Who gave you the right to belittle what God has done?  You should praise

God for he delivered this man from sin.  We as Christians need to praise when a falling soul is

saved, not to take away from his greatness by saying ONLY one was saved.


I was shocked at what he was saying and I went home to try to figure out why this old preacher

was upset with me.  I still felt that I had let God down and was not good enough to have more

come forward to accept Christ.  The more I thought about what that preacher said, I realized that

he was trying to tell me that God will work through you.  Give Him the Glory.  It wasnít that

wasnít good enough.  When you listen to God and do his will, great things will happen.  God

used me for His will.  That old preacher made me see this is what God wanted me to do for His

glory.  In the time of doing prison ministry many did come forward.  I am praising God each and

every time.


In Jesus name I pray:  Dear Lord, forgive me where I fall short of your will.  I pray that it is your

words, not mine to encourage others.  Use me Lord as You see fit.  Give me the strength to do

your will.  I will praise you all of my days.  Amen.


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